Clean your files from malicious software.

Viroton, the website for everyone, is the easiest way to clean your files from malicious software or unwanted information.

What Viroton does with your files

How it works

Viroton removes all information that has been attached to a file, e.g. text messages, malware, etc. It is possible to attach a text message, malware, etc. to a file without significantly disturbing the image, for example. However, if called appropriately, the text may be displayed or malware may be executed. Viroton also removes code that does not belong to the actual file format.

Viroton cleans metadata from different file formats. For example, the metadata of images may contain information such as the date/time the image was taken, focal length, aperture, exposure time, shooting location and other technical parameters. Typical metadata for music and other sound recordings are, for example, title, artist, composer, release date, music publisher, etc. This data is all removed. Viroton removes all this information and keeps it to a minimum.

Viroton compresses a file to its optimal size. Especially with image files or PDF files, a factor of optimisation is often achievable. Here Viroton compresses or reduces the amount of digital data. This reduces the required storage space and shortens the transfer time of the data.

At Viroton, your files are processed and you receive the cleaned file back in a ZIP file. The original file and the cleaned file are deleted directly after a successful download.

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